My new mom & me
When the puppy comes to live with his new mom, he is nervous. After all, his mom has stripes and he doesn’t. But his mom says she likes that they look different, and soon the puppy likes it, too. (And who cares what anyone else thinks!).
The puppy’s new mom does all the things other parents do. She plays with him, takes care of him, and sometimes even makes him mad! But that’s okay, because when he’s feeling sad, she knows just what to say.
“A gentle, comforting story about nontraditional families.” –Booklist
Translations: Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, German, Korean, Chinese, and Greek.
The Cherry Thief
Chef Armand’s cakes are famous for the delicious red cherries that adorn each one. But when the cherries start disappearing, he sets a trap to catch the thief, with unexpected results!
What will he do with the culprit, and is there a long-term solution that will make everyone happy?
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