Mazateco: El Origen del Arcoíris

Ilustraciones en colaboración con COMBO y Diecinueve36 para una cápsula animada basada en un mito Mazateco, pueblo del norte de Oaxaca, México. Parte del proyecto 68 voces, que rescata las lenguas que se hablan en México.
Illustrations in collaboration with COMBO and Diecinueve36 for a short animated clip based on a myth told by the Mazateco people, from Oaxaca, Mexico. Part of the 68 voces project, which aims to rescue the different languages spoken in Mexico.
Full story in English:
About the origin of the rainbow
They say a long time ago, there was a man embarrassed by his nudity. One day, a powerful lightning bolt fell and the man decided to go ask for its help. After several days of traveling, he arrived and told the lightning bolt what troubled him. The lightning bolt, touched by this, gave the man a gift and told him: “I’ll give you seven colors to paint your body with, they’ll dress you forever, and people will love you and look at you, amazed. That’s how the rainbow, that announces the arrival of the sun after the storm, was created. That’s how the Mazatecos tell it.

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